Date:June 07, 2012

The Sharp Project

This one is a project I did for a recently widowed woman and dear friend. We call this one “Sharp Project”. A close friend called me one Sunday and said, “Bryan, My mother-in-law has a severe leak in her home ruining the laundry room and making mildew grow in the house.” He proceeded to tell me that his brother and himself had an idea for the repair and ask me for a consult. I went to the home and after inspecting the property, I laid out a detailed map of the needed repairs to solve the issue. We needed to outline a support system to hold an entirely new roof line in the front and add a carport to the left so she can get to her house without getting wet. With the help of some BenCro boys and any other able bodies, we managed to lift all the beams and install frame work for the roof. In addition to the roof line needing to be redesigned, the existing roof also had to have an extensive amount of repair and bracing in order to support the new roof. Doing this type of volunteer work is rewarding for everyone. The homeowner is now able to relax and enjoy her home and I get the satisfaction of knowing that we all came together for the good of someone in need. Theres no better feeling.

I also want to point out, the following people were instrumental in making this project possible, Jason Crocker, (material supplier and purveyor of endless Mountain Dew for the team), Jar Crocker, (Secondary Chief in charge of standing around…He is the one on the roof helping me till the sun went down! We had to beat the oncoming rain!), Kris Crocker, (primary food provider), Angela Smith, (debris collector and burn pile stacker), James Benard of BenCro, Tony Duke of BenCro, Dakota Smith of BenCro, Ben Crocker and what I’m sure is countless others. Thank you all for your support in this endeavour.