Date:June 05, 2012

The RT Project

This project was one of the most challenging remodels we have encountered. The customer wanted what would turn out to be the hardest deconstruction of the firms history. We were contracted to remove a 32′ brick chimney and fireplace. The client wanted to use the space where the fireplace was for a custom made french door unit. This left me with seemingly insurmountable design complications to overcome: the header height, the frame width, the density of brick, concrete brick ledge removal, interior trimmings….the list went on. The project started out as most do, with the usual complications but this particular one had something unforeseen. The brick removal was harder than could have been imagined. It was a solid brick chimney with stacked and poured solidity. We were forced to remove one brick at a time till our demolition hammer became available!!! We ended up with a pile of stone 12′ wide 12′ long and over 6′ tall!!! By the time we were done removing all the brick you could walk up the pile to the roof!

After sitting a while with the client at the end of the 3rd day, he suggested what he thought would be impossible, ADD A SECOND FLOOR DECK TO A ROOM WITH NO DOOR! Well with BenCro there are no limitations to any idea someone may have for their home. So as you can see in the photos, we moved the windows, added the door to access the deck and then the hard part, make a deck on a roof not designed for support, waterproofing or a patio. It took me countless hours to design a system that would last a lifetime. Solving issues like these are the reasons I stay connected to my profession. The final product was even more perfect than I could have expected. The home looks so grand from the pool and ground level patio and the clients now enjoy morning coffee on the new balcony.