Date:June 05, 2012

The Caroline Project

What you see here is a VERY unique design. The problem was a leaking deck that was damaging the ceiling below. The original installer had used improper material for sealant and decking. The greatest challenge for this particular project was the clearances available to us for support, decking and a water proof barrier.

One thing we pride ourselves in is: Do every job as if your doing it for your own mother!

I’m confident that this design is OVER achieved. We use only top quality material and for this deck, we had no choice but to use ALL treated frame work and 20 gauge sheet metal for the waterproofing. The stages had to be installed precisely to stay within the parameters that we had to work with. The entire project had to both support the weight of the family’s 4 boys and protect the lower level’s ping pong table! I utilized a “floating” frame design to prevent ANY nail/screw penetrations through the metal roof underlayment. This made a water proof roof under the floating deck. We had to use 5/4″ deck boards to have only 1/8 of an inch of clearance under the exterior door. We used the original railing as per client request. The final product was very well received and saw a party the very first night!