Date:June 08, 2012

McDaniel Kitchen

This one had its own challenges. The client requested a total renovation of her “galley” kitchen. She wanted to wall over the narrow living room door and use the new wall for the custom cabinets they ordered. We built the cabinets at our facility where we could do the custom work. James was ingenious at prepping the site for the new plumbing direction. You can see the lines for the concrete removal and we also¬†had to drill out the frame work to prepare for the plumbing. After the plumbing was moved, I sat with the client to detail the the cabinets on paper so they could be translated to their dream kitchen. We enlisted the help of R&D Marble for the counter tops. The client requested a semi-circle end cap for the cabinets the day before the counter top arrived! Needless to say, it was a very late night… The Marble company was less than excited to add to the order one day in advance but with good people around, theres nothing you cant achieve.