Date:June 20, 2012

Ledemza Kitchen Remodel

When approached with this project, the client was not sure if the retrofit was even possible. That’s where our experience comes in to play, I assured the customer that we’ve conquered these types of problems before. She requested that we delete the “fur downs” above the cabinetry and raise the cabinets to the ceiling making clearance for passage under. This is a difficult task by any standards.
First: Removing the cabinets in a manner that does not damage them or mishappen them in the extraction. Often times, removing old cabinets results in full loss of the furniture…unless you go real slow
Second: Remove any cabling that may linger about preventing the installation of the new drywall ceiling.
Third: Detach all protruding frame work that is left hanging from the previous structure
Fourth: Install any needed frame work to support the new ceiling material
From there on, we had solved the majority of the problems that would arise with such a project. We then had to do what I consider the “hard part”. Faux Finishes are among the most popular and look the best out of current trends for home remodeling. We have done a multitude of finishes but none quite like this one.This is a 5 step process totaling 72 man hours of labor just for that finish!!! The best way to tackle a project of this magnitude is to have the client remove all items from the kitchen, it’s virtually impossible to do a restoration of this size while continuing to use the facility.